Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We Predict...

...a pepper in your future.
And a flamboyantly dressed, over-excited gourmand who gets experts like fortune tellers, actors, and Parliament members to aide in his decision-making about haute cuisine.
Alright, we admit it. We're obsessed with all things Iron Chef Japan. And we thank the heavens every day for the fact that Fine Living brought back our fave show.
But we wondered, what ever happened to Iron Chef's cantankerous judge, our fave fortune teller, Kazuko Hosoki?

After some extensive research, we learned that Hosoki is now reportedly the world's top seller of fortune telling books, with over 100 titles to her name. Additionally, she was host of several related TV shows in Japan, including "Zubari Wa Yo (I will say it straight)” , a show where Hosoki made outrageous psychic predictions and often told disbelievers that they would "go to hell".
Awww....we love you Hosoki!
Although Hosoki was like the original Simon Cowell (albeit with psychic powers), the show, sadly, is now off the air.
But we wondered, what if Food Network asks her to be a guest judge on Top Chef America? We're just saying...it would make for some great TV.
Iron Chef Japan is on 10pm E/P time weekdays on Fine Living Network.

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