Friday, June 26, 2009

More food trucks: Rickshaw Dumpling Truck

My fellow food writing friend who shall remain nameless refers to Rickshaw's dumplings as "white people food".

I wouldn't go that far, since this little truck's dumplings, especially the Thai variety (above), spiked with flecks of basil, were quite tender and tasty. I would have preferred a soy-based sauce with a touch of heat for dipping, but the peanut dressing was just fine. Especially since 58th and Eighth Ave doesn't see too many new food options!

And while the thought of a cold sesame noodle salad sounded appealing at the time, it was actually quite bland, though little specks of black sesame seeds were a nice accent. Next time, I would choose another side like steamed edamame or green salad to round out the experience.

Want to find this dumpling truck? Visit to locate it.

Free Pinkberry: Today!

For those of you who call it "crackberry", we understand why. The addictive LA fro-yo is going to be FREE today, from 5-9pm in all NYC locations.

Pinkberry is unleashing 3 new flavors, coconut, passionfruit, and a new parfait.

Nothing beats the cap'n crunch topping, though, in our humble opinion.

Get your fro-yo on at:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Food Trucks Roundup: amNY

Wondering where you can find yummy meals on wheels?

amNY had me roundup the newest, tastiest treat trucks in the city. Click on the image to enlarge, or go here to read the full length article:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Pigeon Problem: A Tasty Vintage Solution

We love vintage recipes. And we seriously hate pigeons.
While reading, we discovered a delightful (if vaguely disturbing) solution to the pigeon problem from an unusual source, English Housewifry (1764), a cookbook by Elizabeth Moxon, who also crafted instructions that include "How to Dress Rabbets to look like Moor-Game".
Jugg'd Pigeons Recipe
Take six or eight pigeons and truss them, season them with nutmeg, pepper and salt.
To make the Stuffing
Take the livers and shred them with beef-suet, bread-crumbs, parsley, sweet-marjoram, and two eggs, mix all together, then stuff your pigeons sowing them up at both ends, and put them into your jugg with the breast downwards, with half a pound of butter; stop up the jugg close with a cloth that no steam can get out, then set them in a pot of water to boil; they will take above two hours stewing; mind you keep your pot full of water, and boiling all the time; when they are enough clear from them the gravy, and take the fat clean off; put to your gravy a spoonful of cream, a little lemon-peel, an anchovy shred, a few mushrooms, and a little white wine, thicken it with a little flour and butter, then dish up your pigeons, and pour over them the sauce.
Garnish the dish with mushrooms and slices of lemon.
This is proper for a side dish.
Disclaimer: We at citycitybangbangny would never attempt to touch a pigeon, never mind "jugg" one. Nonetheless, it does pose an interesting solution to our city's plague of winged rats.

Hello Jello!

Image from Eat Me Daily

We love freaky food art, and Eat Me Daily reported earlier this week on the results of Brooklyn's bizarre and beautiful Jell-o mold competition.

Some of the best molds included realistic looking burgers, jewelry, and breasts (yes, you read that correctly).

Rachel Morrison's "Cheeseburger in Paradise" was unusually realistic, and dare we say, appealing? Read more about the competition at:

Big Apple BBQ Roundup: For the NBBQA

For all you grill fans out there, keep doing what you do (I'm starting to sound like Flay), and keep in mind that the National Barbeque Assosication is a great resource for all things 'cue. You can find them at:
I wrote a piece for them wrapping up the Big Apple BBQ Festival recently. Their website offers great tips and tricks for keeping things spicy this summer.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Staycation? Review of The Ravel Hotel for

A view of cabana-side seating on the roof of the Ravel Hotel.

You may be considering a staycation this summer. Looking for a place with deep sunken baths, extraordinary views from your private balcony, and waterfront proximity?
If by waterfront proximity, you'd consider the Hudson River, then we've got your staycation---a night or two at the Ravel Hotel.
Located in LIC, this brand-new boutique hotel has fun features like over sized plasma flat screen TVs, voyeuristic-sheer exposed shower stall walls, and a crazy rooftop lounge with killer views of the Manhattan skyline. See my full review of the Ravel Hotel for at:
Note to self: Unless you love bass-heavy house music until 1am, try not to book a room on a Sunday evening. Oh, and $12 cocktails served in plastic cups are SO not worth it, unless you've got $$$ to burn ;)

Bluegrass, banjos, and bourbon

Ah, the 3 B's: Bluegrass, Banjos, and Bourbon: a holy trinity of down-home fun. (You could also potentially subsitute Boys for one of the above, depending on your facebook status).
Here's where you can score all 3: Banjo Jim's.
This alphabet city dive features live music every night of the week, an eclectic crowd, and there's never a cover. The most expensive drink will cost you $10. We haven't heard that for a while!
An added extra: tons of regulars were seen with takeout boxes, meaning that you can get away with bringing your dinner along for a show.
Here's where to get your B's on:
Banjo Jim's
700 E 9th St New York, NY 10009-5309 - (212) 777-0869