Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to Pair Wine with Herbs

No, this isn't a story about how herb is legal in several states. But cheers to that!

This piece for Wine Enthusiast Magazine delves into the plethora of plants Mother Nature has provided us...from basil and thyme to lemon verbena, adding spice and depth of flavor to cuisine for centuries. This Pairings story ponders the age-old question, how can we approach wine when we've got so many kick-ass flavors?

We talked to top chefs and their sommelier cohorts around North America about how to match wines to any herb-centric dish, and scored their secret recipes. Mission accomplished.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Timbaland on....Drinking

Extra Extra! Timbaland launches a spirit line! It's a ready-to-drink liqueur, Le Sutra, with a wine base. Naturally, we covered it for Wine Enthusiast Magazine in a brief Q&A session with the superstar hip hop mogul:

Timbaland and Flo Rida are pictured here with Le Sutra in hand. Good to know P Diddy doesn't have a corner on the market.

Beyond Wine: New Food Pairing Partners

We got some great tips from sommelier Justin Kuruvilla of elements in N.J. about what's next in the restaurant world: Nontraditional pairings dinners. That's right: Because we always suspected Bourbon goes with just about everything.

For tips on how to pair food with spirits, beer and sake, read my article for Wine Enthusiast here.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Perfect Pairing: Blue Crab Dip and Vouvray

Stealing things from restaurants, like salt and pepper shakers (you know who you are) is wrong, so we're borrowing a recipe instead.  Did we mention it's from one of the hottest restaurants in Baltimore, Wit & Wisdom?

This creamy crab dip makes for a perfect party snack and can be made in under 1 hour! So much for slaving in the kitchen. Oh, and we scored the perfect wine pairing to boot.

Read my Wine Enthusiast article here: