Friday, June 5, 2009

Interview with Craig Hopson of Le Cirque for Thursday Night Magazine

Le Cirque is one of those iconic New York restaurants that never ceases to amaze us. Recently, Craig Hopson took the helm at this venerable eatery.

We sat down with Chef Hopson for an interview for the recently-launched online publication, Thursday Night Magazine.

Click here to read the full interview.

The tasty tidbits include Hopson's must-have meal, the "moral responsibility of chefs", and the state of power dining in New York today.

Le Cirque (151 E. 58th St, New York, NY 10022; 212-644-0202)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Palace Gate, Palace Great

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This iconic courtyard, located in front of the esteemed New York Palace Hotel, has been empty far too long.
Just in time for al fresco fraternizing, the space has been transformed into Palace Gate, a lovely patio for drinking and dining under the stars (or sun).
And, just in case you decide to drink in gale-force winds, we've been assured by the Hotel that the umbrellas are Hurricane-proof. Excellent!
The New York Palace property also houses the gilded, Michelin-rated restaurant, Gilt, and some of the snacks served outside will borrow from the eatery's fancy menu--along with designer drinks, of course, like the Palace Punch (it's $50 per pitcher, FYI).
At the opening party last night, the crab cakes stood out, along with a knockout dessert, the Knickerbocker, featuring decadent ice creams, chocolate straws, and cherries, which paired a little too nicely with flutes of champagne. Yum!
Palace Gate (opens Friday)
455 Madison Ave at 51st St

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Park Slope Banh Mi Better Than Nicky's?

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We may have a serious contender here, folks.
With so much buzz about the Vietnamese sandwich craze of late, we've grown a bit bored of the banh mi. But we have to say, this park slope pork shop has an amazing sandwich. It's so worth the trek.
Hanco's, the self service joint on Seventh Ave, knows how to stack a banh mi with flavorful grilled pork (did we detect nutmeg among the spices on the meat?), tangy carrot & daikon slaw, and a mayo spread on a crispy baguette that kinda gives Nicky's something to worry about.
Plus, it cost just $6.50 and was big enough to share. We also liked the cold, rice vermicelli noodle salad ($6) with mint, fried red onions, and peanuts.
350 7th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215(718) 499-8081

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tao Review: Hotellx

Photo by: Tao

Some of New York City's most buzzed-about restaurants feature over-the-top Tao. You know, the one with the giant gold Buddha? Check out my review of the popular pan-Asian palace--with stunning locations both in Las Vegas (pictured) and New York City--