Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beer Gardens Around the World

Schnitzel. Schlogg. Drindle-sporting servers. Beer gardens are the best! And Wine Enthusiast had me round up the top-notch beer gardens around the world. Click on the image to sate your thirst.

Tea Cocktails Take Over

Cocktail trends come and go, but it looks like one summer staple--iced tea--will stick around all year. The luxe tea trend has fallen off the wagon, and I found a bunch of bars stateside picking up the trend.

Click on the article for more info, or click here for the version on winemag.com.

News from the World of Wine

Wondering what's going on in the wine world these days? Here's a page from Wine Enthusiast's August print issue. We've got flying "wine angels" and exclusive tours in Bordeaux. Click on the image to enlarge. Cin cin!

How to Pair Rose Wine

Wine Enthusiast magazine had me scope out the best ways to pair rose wine...and the winner? Easy one-dish meals. When it's hot outside, who wants to slave over multiple pots and pans?
I asked some top chefs from around the country what goes well with rose (the answer was: practically everything: Yay!)
Click on the image to get the goods.