Thursday, August 6, 2009

Marshmallow Day is August 10

There seems to be an official day for almost every food item--including the oft-neglected but beloved marshmallow.
This August 10th, take a moment to think of the chewy childhood favorite, since it's National Marshmallow Day (or so we've heard!).
Hmm..let's ponder this occasion for a moment. Perhaps we love marshmallows enough to give them an official day because they connect us to our collective primordial past, in which we stood around a fire, attempting to burn our food on twigs.
There's no fire necessary to enjoy marshmallows, though. Personally, I think they taste best slightly stale.
And unsurprisingly, a brand of artisanal marshmallows has hit the market, Plush Puffs. These designer marshmallows come in a variety of flavors including vanilla bean, cinnamon, and simply s'mores--ensuring you'll never have to attempt to make the tasty snack over a campfire again (unless you really want to).
Visit for more information and ordering.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Seafood Showdown: Coney Island

We heart food competitions.
So what could be better than eating seafood on Coney Island's "Beer Island" (with beer specials, 'natch), especially when the proceeds go to charity?
Here are the details:
8/15/09: You show up to Beer Island between noon and 4pm with $24 in hand (unless you book online, which will save you $4), taste some delicious seafood, and suck down some suds in the sun. Watch as one lucky contestant wins $400 prize for a "people's choice" award (and hopefully donates it to their charity of choice).
In the event of rain, you'll show up on 8/16/09 instead, same time, same place.
More details: http:/

Monday, August 3, 2009

amNY Story: Bars In Queens

Wondering where to drink in Queens? amNY had me find 5 festive bars near LIC worth checking out, including lounges with gay go-go dancers and Irish bars offering karaoke competitions. Click on the image to get a peek.