Thursday, August 6, 2009

Marshmallow Day is August 10

There seems to be an official day for almost every food item--including the oft-neglected but beloved marshmallow.
This August 10th, take a moment to think of the chewy childhood favorite, since it's National Marshmallow Day (or so we've heard!).
Hmm..let's ponder this occasion for a moment. Perhaps we love marshmallows enough to give them an official day because they connect us to our collective primordial past, in which we stood around a fire, attempting to burn our food on twigs.
There's no fire necessary to enjoy marshmallows, though. Personally, I think they taste best slightly stale.
And unsurprisingly, a brand of artisanal marshmallows has hit the market, Plush Puffs. These designer marshmallows come in a variety of flavors including vanilla bean, cinnamon, and simply s'mores--ensuring you'll never have to attempt to make the tasty snack over a campfire again (unless you really want to).
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