Monday, November 15, 2010

Goldfinger's Lair? Tzigan, New York

There seems to be enough gold in new MePa club Tzigan to potentially settle the national debt.
Tzigan, which is an obscure reference to a band of gypsies, is located on the lower level of Villa Pacri, below the Italian-bistro hybrid resto, La Gazzetta. And it is a room decked out in gold, gold and more gold. So much gold, in fact, that we're concerned it may be Goldfinger's underground lair. Only a villanous creature intent on world domination could dream up such a space!
Tzigan is the type of place where a certain supermodel might throw a diamond-encrusted cell phone at her foolhardy assistant--only to be blinded by the bling all around and awkwardly miss, shattering another celeb's Lalique-bottled, 25 year old Scotch. Not that we witnessed such a scandal at Tzigan. But we're just saying, it could happen at a place like Tzigan.
Here's more on Tzigan, courtesy of amNY.

Wine Horoscope

Palm readers. Frightening fortune tellers (like the one pictured here). The bizarre machine in that weird Tom Hanks movie, BIG.
There's no need to resort to extremes, people. You can figure out what the stars have in store for you--especially if it relates to drinking.
I wrote a highly controversial "Wine By Sign" article for Sheesh...I really got a lot of crap for that one. But I have to say, it was surprisingly accurate for readers.
Click here to read your wine horoscope.
Does it resonate for you? Or does it drive you to the drink?

This Man Makes Wine....In Tunisia!

Surprised? Don't be. Tunisians have been making wine since...the beginning of time. Practically.
So if you're wondering, "where is the most exotic wine-making destination in the world?", could the answer be Tunisia?

Chit-chatting with the owners of Reunion surf bar one evening (the only cool bar near Times Square, really), I noted that Le Poisson wines were appearing on wine lists city-wide. 'Natch, it is made by a French-Tunisian family. Bien sur.

I explored the trend for Wine Enthusiast, and sat down with the winemaker's son, and importer, Phillippe, for an interview session.
Read the full interview here.

The Superman of Sommeliers?

Anyone been to GILT lately in the New York Palace Hotel? I love this super-swanky spot (so do the producers of Gossip Girl...and TRUST there are a lot of Chuck Bass lookalikes).

I must admit part of the draw is the resto's somm, Patrick Cappiello. Is it just me, or does he resemble Clark Kent? No really, take a closer look.

A self-confessed wine "geek," Cappiello kills the wine list. Practically murders it.

Read the full Q&A session here.