Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kraft Unveils Bagel-fuls: Seriously?

We heart baked goods.

But really, are we getting so lazy (or hungover) that we can't even slather cream cheese on a bagel in the morning?

While we may put Pop Tarts in the "kind of fun" category and Hot Pockets in the "funny enough for Jim Gaffigan" zone, we must file away Kraft's new Bagelfuls concept in the "What Were They Thinking" department.

Don't they look like boot-stomped Twinkies? Gross!


New York Wine Expo 2010

Wino. Lush. Oenophile.

Whatever you choose to call yourself, you know you love the vino.

amNY had me delve into the depravity that is the New York Wine Expo, 2010. Drink up.