Friday, May 15, 2009

Frank Bruni: Exit the King

Oh Frank Bruni, what will the Times do without you? As gawker made official yesterday (, a memo indicates that the wry food critic will exit his post as the Times' chief resto critic...leaving many a foodie wondering who will dole out the newspaper's coveted 3 stars?

Fans of the Gray Lady's food section need not fear, Bruni will continue to write for the Sunday magazine, and his memoir is forthcoming.

We'll miss you Frankie!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Our obsession with Iron Chef Japan is getting a little ridiculous. But thanks to two great resources, we can now find all things Japanese for our (at home, pretend) kitchen stadium.

Especially imported hairy crab! Yum!

The brand new Japanese Culinary Center, located at 711 Third Ave. (entrance on 45th St. between Second and Third aves.); 212-661-3333, is the perfect place to score any number of bizarre but cool imported items (just ask any of the unusually helpful staff for advice), while your fresh produce and fish products can be easily ordered online from

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spice Market Review

Photo by: Culinary Concepts by Jean Georges

Check out my review of Jean-Georges Vongerichten's theatrical Meatpacking-district restaurant, Spice Market, at

Spice Market on Urbanspoon

Funniest Food Commercials

We took an informal poll on the funniest food comercials out there. And by informal, we mean, very informal...we polled the people standing by our watercooler this morning. The funniest food commercial was agreed to be the Jennie O turkey commercial. Think you have something funnier? Send it along to me at

Monday, May 11, 2009

Secretive Sushi: Sushi Sasabune

Photo by Cindy Woo

We love back-alley speakeasies, underground clubs, and hush-hush gaming rooms. But what about secretive sushi spots?

Check out my review of cultishly adored Sushi Sasabune for at

Sasabune on Urbanspoon