Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Baby is Baaack! With some Top Secret, Savory Gossip Too...

Sorry dolls, but there's been a lot of wining and dining (and whining) going on here at City City. After all, it is our job to Bang Bang.

Between the Austria Uncork'd event, Destination: Charleston and Santa Monica (check out, we've been pretty tied up. We'd like you all to know that for the past 3 months we've been slaving away over a fabulous, top-secret, Top 100 restaurants issue over at Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

In August, our Editors will reveal our top 100 picks for winos--oops!--i meant wine lovers (and best restaurants for beer lovers, and best spots for spirits lovers). You know who you are!

So let the countdown begin. You will be surprised, entranced, and seduced into splurging at some of these spots. Also, follow me on twitter @lexisips. Because you're thirsty, admit it.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Best Bar You'll Probably Get Kicked Out Of

Jennifer Aniston is always working out (compulsively, *shudder*) at the gym downstairs when she stays here. Rob Pattison and Kristen Stewart make out over spaghetti (Disney style) at Locanda Verde next door. And now you're trying to sip cocktails behind the glass door, through the lobby, to the left, at this unnamed bar with a killer fireplace that nobody wants you to know about.
If you're lucky, you're sitting on a plush couch in the chillest space possible, reserved for major, stadium-filling and slightly aging rockstars roasting before the flames like marshmallows, eyeing inappropriately their cohorts and miscellaneous, underdressed glitterati. So don't mess this one up, okay?
Order the fig cocktail and you won't be sorry.
Greenwich Hotel
377 Greenwich Street

International Meats

I am perpetually amused by celebitchy's Friday round up of hotness, mixed food metaphors, and meaty men from around the world.

I know you bitches are hungry...feast your eyes here.