Thursday, June 4, 2009

Palace Gate, Palace Great

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This iconic courtyard, located in front of the esteemed New York Palace Hotel, has been empty far too long.
Just in time for al fresco fraternizing, the space has been transformed into Palace Gate, a lovely patio for drinking and dining under the stars (or sun).
And, just in case you decide to drink in gale-force winds, we've been assured by the Hotel that the umbrellas are Hurricane-proof. Excellent!
The New York Palace property also houses the gilded, Michelin-rated restaurant, Gilt, and some of the snacks served outside will borrow from the eatery's fancy menu--along with designer drinks, of course, like the Palace Punch (it's $50 per pitcher, FYI).
At the opening party last night, the crab cakes stood out, along with a knockout dessert, the Knickerbocker, featuring decadent ice creams, chocolate straws, and cherries, which paired a little too nicely with flutes of champagne. Yum!
Palace Gate (opens Friday)
455 Madison Ave at 51st St

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