Monday, June 22, 2009

Staycation? Review of The Ravel Hotel for

A view of cabana-side seating on the roof of the Ravel Hotel.

You may be considering a staycation this summer. Looking for a place with deep sunken baths, extraordinary views from your private balcony, and waterfront proximity?
If by waterfront proximity, you'd consider the Hudson River, then we've got your staycation---a night or two at the Ravel Hotel.
Located in LIC, this brand-new boutique hotel has fun features like over sized plasma flat screen TVs, voyeuristic-sheer exposed shower stall walls, and a crazy rooftop lounge with killer views of the Manhattan skyline. See my full review of the Ravel Hotel for at:
Note to self: Unless you love bass-heavy house music until 1am, try not to book a room on a Sunday evening. Oh, and $12 cocktails served in plastic cups are SO not worth it, unless you've got $$$ to burn ;)

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