Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hungry Hungry Hipsters Love Tuk Tuk

Sometimes after a delicious Thai meal, you just want to lay down on the couch. At Tuk Tuk in LIC, you can do exactly that. (Although some people choose to use the couch while waiting for pick up...strange).

This weekend while cruising around LIC, we discovered something: hipsters have to eat too.
And we saw plenty chowin' down at Tuk Tuk, LIC's top Thai spot on Vernon Blvd. So much for squeezing into those skinny jeans...Formerlly located on Smith St in the BK, this Thai spot made the jump to Queens, and brought a crowd of designer diners with it.

The best part about Tuk Tuk is perhaps its affordability, with most dishes well under $10 a pop. The menu features tons of fresh, flavorful dishes that hit the spot, like scrumptious shrimp spring rolls stuffed with crisp veggies and a light, basil-flecked papaya salad--perfect for light a summery meal in the L.I.C. No bad haircuts required.

49-06 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, ny 11101 [google local map] 718-472-5598

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