Thursday, June 11, 2009

And Another One Bites the Dust: Black Betty to Close

Photo from Brooklyn Vegan

Tenant - landlord disputes are such a drag. Especially when they involve super-chill party spots, like our favorite Williamsburg boite, Black Betty.
We're sad to report that June 15th will be the last opportunity you'll have to dance the night away at this lovely little bar.
Oh, Black Betty! You will be sorely missed. Especially the nights when you featured early 90s music. SIGH.
This bar--famous for its bumping dance parties--may be a sinking ship, but it plans to go down in style!
The owners are plotting a blow-out party on June 15th that will feature Rev. Vince Anderson and His Love Choir scheduled to perform a rockin' set that evening.
According to Brooklyn Vegan, "the kitchen and bar, offering North African and Mediterranean dishes and extended happy hours, will be in full swing until close". Hallelujah!
To read the juicy gossip behind the closing, check out:

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