Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Real Housewives Party at Hudson Terrace

Oh, what can we say about these ladies?

It was very amusing to see some of them last night at the official opening night of Hudson Terrace/The Wrap Party for the Real Housewives. But where oh where were Bethany and the Countess? If you watched the season finale, you may have noticed a clash between Bethanny and Jill over their arthritis fundraiser (also at Hudson Terrace)...but we're not sure where the other two housewives were.

My friend Mariko and I did, however, find a Chuck Bass look-a-like. Loved him!

So just what's so hot about Hudson Terrace, you ask?

Hudson Terrace is a swanky new bi-level space with killer views on W. 46th St and Twelfth Ave, brought to you by the people behind Sidebar and the Pourhouse. And yes, we said Twelfth Ave.
Is it worth the trek?

We thought so...especially to see Simon texting in a corner for most of the night while we sipped champagne. Loved it!

I'll be giving you a more detailed profile of the space in the weeks to come.


  1. LOL!!!! LOVE this!!! Between Chuck Bass, the swanky swank of the Terrace, and most importantly, your blog being such a huge hit, it was the PERFECT night!!!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the space as much as I did. It is pretty swanky (sans all the crystal....?) and those Housewives were CrAzY! But I think I'll be checking out Hudson's after work scene since they'll being having specials and DJs...keep us posted on what you think of their other events, Bang Bang.