Friday, May 8, 2009

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Wandering around the Village the other night, we decided to slip in Good Restaurant for a bite after stopping by the opening of Entwine. (More on that to come).With a name like "Good Restaurant", you would think that the food would be...well...good.

Looks like Good has gone bad.

We grabbed a two top and ordered some dishes at random from the eclectic menu. Here's the lowdown:
Chickpea spread: Though rustic, it was inedible due to salt content, served with bread so stale, we wondered if it was secretly biscotti.
Sliders: Great serving size, but pulled pork on the dry side. Served with a spoonful of cucumbers?
Mussles: Flavorful broth, but every other bite was overcooked.
Fish tacos: The only saving grace of the menu, though the portion size was laughable (2 for $22). Terrific mayo and side of sweet corn.
Looks like sometimes, Good = Bad.

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